At Intelimind, we're proud to include tutoring services in our after-school program. Maybe you're a sophomore having some trouble with your geometry homework, or maybe you're a fifth-grader who needs someone to quiz you on this week's spelling words. Regardless of the subject, we have a tutor who can help! Check out more information on the optional tutoring available at our after-school program that's open to all students, kindergarten through 12th grade.

Why Is Tutoring Important?

Requirements of Tutors

We have a variety of tutors in our after-school program. In fact, many of our tutors are students! The first requirement of serving as a tutor in our program is that you must be at least 13 years old.

Secondly, the doors of our program are open Monday through Friday, and we ask that tutors make themselves available to students a minimum of three days a week. We want to have enough tutors available each day for all of the kids who'd like help with their homework, projects, and other school assignments. Our tutoring coordinator, Mrs. Abelman, can talk with you about your tutoring schedule.

Next, if you want to be a student tutor, you must be knowledgeable on several school subjects. For example, if you're a ninth-grader helping an eighth-grader with an algebra assignment, you'll need to be good at algebra yourself. We want tutors who can help students with all sorts of assignments.

We look for student tutors who are encouraging and patient. Some of the kids who come to our after-school program may be frustrated with one or more subjects at school. We've seen firsthand how much difference a patient, encouraging tutor can make in the confidence level of a student!

We are looking for student tutors who are enthusiastic about helping other students do the best work they can for school. We hope our tutoring services will give students the help and support they need to push through challenging school assignments.