The Intelimind Mission

We're here to provide an inviting space open to all students kindergarten through 12th grade who want a quiet place to go after a busy school day. Students in our after-school program can visit with others their own age, work on homework, read, get help from a tutor, enjoy a snack, or all of the above! We've designed our after-school program to be a place where kids can relax, be themselves, and know they are welcome.

"I like having a quiet place to just sit and read after school." - Jamie, ninth grade

"I know I'll get the help I need to get an A on my next spelling test. Beth is the coolest tutor ever!" - Tyler, fourth grade

"The snacks are awesome, and I know I can get help if I have algebra homework." - Katy, seventh grade

These are just a few comments from students in our after-school program. Learn more about what we do and how your kids can benefit from attending Intelimind's program here.

What We Provide to Students


We provide tutoring to students who need help with homework assignments, reports, projects, and other classwork. We have student tutors available to offer assistance Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 p.m., and we always have adult tutors on hand to offer guidance and supervision to students.

A Quiet Space to Do Schoolwork or Visit With Friends

The hours in school can be stressful for many kids. Our after-school program is the perfect place for kids to unwind in a quiet atmosphere. Sometimes, reading or talking quietly with friends can help the stress of the day fade into the sunset.

A Collection of Books

We provide books for our kids to borrow if they'd like to spend some time reading. Often, kids find a new favorite author, series, genre, or subject on our shelves.

A Space to Make New Friends

Our doors are open to students in kindergarten through 12th grade, and whether a kid visits our program one day a week or all five days, they're likely to make a few friends here.


We offer nutritious snacks to the kids in our after-school program, so they can get their homework done, talk with friends, read, or just decompress while enjoying a treat.