Who We Are

We're always excited to hear from members of the community who are curious about any aspect of Intelimind's after-school program. Our program runs from 3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and we're fortunate to have a staff of capable people who care about the kids and the success of our program.

Now, introducing our amazing staff members!

Our Founder

David Breckenridge is the founder of Intelimind's after-school program. Years ago, David envisioned a quiet place where kids of all ages could gather to read, visit, do homework, take advantage of tutoring help, and enjoy some snacks as well as a place where kids could unwind, be themselves and make a new friend or two in the bargain. Today, David's vision is a reality as we welcome kids each day after school.


Our fundraising chair, Martha Thomas, is a former accountant who wanted to put her professional skills to use even after retirement. She oversees the fundraising events we have in June and September. Plus, she accepts and allocates the monetary donations we receive from members of the community year-round.


Our outstanding tutoring coordinator is Susan Abelman. Some of the kids in our program know her as Mrs. Abelman, a substitute teacher at the local high school. Susan interviews all of our student tutors to ensure that they're capable of helping kids of all ages with a variety of subjects. In addition, she organizes the tutors' schedules and supervises tutoring activities five days a week.

Community Outreach

Ben Roberts is our community outreach coordinator. He owns a successful Web design company he operates out of his home. Ben has a personal connection to Intelimind's after-school program: He attended our program five days a week as a high school freshman after moving here with his family. Fifteen years later, he's back to help with community outreach, making sure kids and parents know all about our program!

School District Liaison

Kathy Baker, our school district liaison, handles the communications between the district's elementary, middle, and high schools and our program. She makes sure all of the information about our program is available to the students and staff of the schools, so kids know about us. We love to see new faces in our program, and Kathy helps to make that happen!

Our after-school program is grateful to have this group of dedicated people working for the kids in our community.